AtB Consultech has the most complete line of machinery on the market, covering all aspects related to production lines for the printing and corrugated cardboard industry.

With its independent and creative research and development capabilities, and its customer and market-oriented strategy, AtB Consultch is able to provide first-class equipment at the best market-leading price.

AtB Consultech uses this experience to provide an effective and efficient solution and response, tailored to the specific needs of each client around the world.

Our goal: to provide our customers with the highest value option. Always respecting the highest quality standards, knowing all the options that the market can provide and applying the most select criteria to bet on a specific product, once this is achieved, our way of customer loyalty is very simple, immediate resolution of the problems related to its processes and a first class service.


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We satisfy the demand with excellence
Your satisfaction is important to us. Regardless of your industry or the scale of your operations, AtB consultch will provide the best possible products and services to help you achieve your productivity goals. Our experience gives us deep knowledge and technical knowledge to provide automated solutions for printing, die cutting, folding, gluing, creasing and stamping.

With AtB, you can reduce costs, improve productivity, reduce risks to your workers, and differentiate your products from your competitors.